About Ex-IT

Ex-IT is mostly Vic Harder.  Plus some resources he can point you to if he isn’t personally a good choice to fill your need.

What’s different about Ex-IT?

Integrity – Usually an empty word.  What it means in this case is that if Vic can’t fill your need, he won’t try.  He won’t string you along.  He’ll gladly say so and send you elsewhere.

vic - just head...  shrunk for web use

Honesty – In Vic’s case, that’s not just telling the truth; it’s full disclosure.  More than just the truth. 

Vulnerability – Vic wants your trust, so he will always try to go first.  No holding cards close to his chest.  Open kimono, throat bare.  Some people find that threatening.  If you do, we’re sorry.  Maybe you should find a different consulting firm to work with.

Growth – Vic is always reading and trying new things.  He is a voracious reader, focusing these days on personal growth and leadership skills.  Check the reading list!

For more on Vic, don’t look on Facebook. He doesn’t do Facebook, or Twitter. He’s a totally non-geeky guy, with 25+ years of experience in IT.   You could check him out on Linkedin or on this more personal page.