Who drives IT?

Who drives IT? In a recent post, Craig Reardon asks “Can your IT guys really drive your digital strategy?” The post quickly describes a scenario where “a person qualified in all things technical was making a decision about the best technology requirements for what were administration, marketing and communications tasks.”

Craig faults the new IT provider, saying that: “A good IT provider would have looked at the existing system in greater detail, would have recognised the value of complete integration between technical features, would have taken the skills of staff and would have done a true cost analysis of switching to and maintaining a disparate open source system.

They would also have properly investigated the organisation’s ongoing marketing and communications requirements and if they didn’t grasp them, talk to someone who did.”


While this may be true, I am left wondering what happened that encouraged the client to even look at other providers?  


Was it a lack of business communication skills?  Poor interpersonal skills?  Not enough clear business process mapping?


Our clients look to IT to get insights into what their digital strategy should look like.  The new provider must have asked some questions of the client that made them wonder if their existing solution was the right one.  Like maybe why they were paying as much as they were for simple hosting, allowing them to propose a business case for an audit.  Sneaky, but effective.


How can we as IT “experts” communicate more clearly to our clients, users and sponsors?


In this case, maybe all it would have taken was a quarterly review with the client and asking if the current system was still meeting their needs, and perhaps looking for more innovative solutions.  Other cases might not be so simple.


What do you think about who should drive decisions like this, and how can we ensure we are at the decision making table?


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