CIO for hire

Ex-IT offers part-time senior IT management services.  This includes CIO and IT Director level resources well as Project Management services.

Because we have a broad range of expertise and experience in IT and, more importantly, an excellent understanding of both the technical and people side of managing IT, we can “drop in” and help you out.

This could be a long-term part time engagement because you don’t have a need for a full time senior level resource, or a short-term intensive engagement because you need someone to come in and set the department back on course, and then hand off to a permanent replacement.

Our PM services are more project “ownership” focused than project “administration”.  That means we like to work on projects that need big picture thinking rather than detail oriented daily management of a project. 

So if your project is “off the rails” or your IT department needs help getting aligned and working better together, contact us.  We can help.