Coach mentoring

You’ve got your coach training done, and have started coaching.  Maybe you already have your ACC or PCC and are working on the next level of effectiveness.  What sets a good coach apart from a great coach?  Three things:

1) Coaching skills – nailing the ICF coaching competencies

2) Continual growth – personally working on what it takes to be “whole and complete” so that we can hold that space for our clients

3) Presence – being completely there with the client and not in your own head.

There are great programs out there for advancing your coaching skills beyond what you learned at your coaching school.  I can recommend

–          Coaching Skills Practicum with Amy Ruppert

–          Coaching Designs International with Diane Bonneau

For continual growth, this is a wide open field so it is hard to recommend something without spending time with you first.  That said, I have learned a lot by reading and practicing with these items

–          Integral Life Practice – Ken Wilber and others

–          Entering the Castle – Carolyn Myss

–          The Power of Now – Ekhart Tolle

–          Meditation – too many to list, but start with Mindfulness for Beginners by Jon Kabat-Zinn’s

–          See my book list for more good reading!

Presence – This is the competency that a coach has to excel at in order to become masterful.  Can it be taught?  That’s what the Presence Workshops we offer are exploring.  In the meantime, you might want to consider reading

–          Presence – by Peter Senge and others

–          The Mindful Coach & Presence-Based Coaching by Doug Silsbee

Your action item:  To strengthen your abilities in all these areas, I recommend audited coaching calls.  In these calls there are three participants, you, the client and the auditor.  We record them, so that we can go over the coaching session in detail.  Coaches report that these sessions are very valuable to them.  Contact me directly and we can setup some time for a few of these calls.  The insights you get can be transformational to your coaching!