Coaching – individual, group, team

There are many different types of coaching, and the benefits of coaching are becoming better documented all the time.  The trick is finding the “right” coach for you.  A lot depends on what you want to achieve:

  • Are you working on a mostly personal issue?  Choose a life coach
  • Trying to figure out which job/career is for you?  Choose a career coach
  • Trying to improve or save a relationship?  See a counselor or choose a relationship coach.
  • Want to excel and become a better leader?  Choose an executive coach
  • Want to get your team to gel and increase productivity?  Choose a team coach.

Coaches also have different approaches.  If you don’t have a particularly good experience with one, maybe a different coach will work out better.   So:

  • Ask friends who have used a coach what their experience was like
  • Check with the organizations who certify coaches to see if the coach you are considering is certified
  • Take the coach for a test drive.

Ex-IT currently has expertise in:

Executive Coaching

IT Management coaching

Team coaching.

Please contact us if you have questions about how coaching can help you, or check out our links to research on coaching.