tall path in forestEx-IT provides coaching and consulting services, specializing in working with professionals, leaders and their teams whose area of expertise is in Information Technology.

If you found this website, you are already successful, and very good at what you do, but you feel that something is blocking you.

As Jim Collins has said “Good is the enemy of great.”  It is possible that the very fact that you are good at what you do is preventing you from being great at what you do.

To become great will require a significant shift away from what has worked so far.   Making this shift seems impossible. And it is impossible if you are not willing to undergo personal transformation.

Ex-IT can help you transform your team, and yourself.

If what you need is a trusted thinking partner that is there to explore ideas with, to go to new places and discover new ways of thinking, seeing and being, then we can be there as your coach.

If what you need is facilitated team development, we are proficient with various methodologies that can achieve excellence in team dynamics.

All teams have leaders.  All good leaders need a coach.  All great leaders have one.

What are you waiting for?  Check out the services we offer to move you towards greatness!