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Welcome to the first Connector from Ex-IT Coaching & Consulting!

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This Connector is intended to be a service to you, providing you with some information you may not have known otherwise, and hopefully connecting you to a person or other resource you can use.

Topics Covered
Since I am a long time IT professional and now a semi-retired IT mentor/coach/CIO for hire, plus executive coach and researcher, the topics discussed here will range from items of interest to recently promoted IT professionals to personal and professional development issues that IT Leaders face in managing their teams.

Specifically, I have a passion for improving the capabilities in all of us that lead to greater efficiency, satisfaction and joy in our work, especially in the areas of teamwork and leader/manager presence and awareness, which leads right into my first Call for Action.

Call for Action
In this section you will read about what you can DO to make a difference in your life, at work and at home, and in the lives of your loved ones.

For example, volunteer to be interviewed!  I am doing some research about management teams and trust.  Ideally, I want to talk to leaders in IT that are having issues with their teams; however, all team related insights are welcome.

lencioni trust triangle

If you saw Patrick Lencioni when he was in town last month, you already know about the guru of teamwork.  I love his stuff, and the Five Dysfunctions of a Team is a real eye opener.  Read it if you haven’t yet. 

Better yet, let’s talk about his basic insight, that the root cause of politics and dysfunction on teams is an absence of trust.  Now we are NOT talking about trust being what allows us to blindly fall into our teammates arms.  That’s just plain stupid.

We are not blind, and we are not stupid.  Yet lack of trust is a big issue.  Is the problem that your team and teammates don’t trust you?  Likely not, because like it or not, the problem is you.   Huh?

dont trustfall

This is because trust is not something your team extends to you.  Rather, it is something you earn.  How?  By being vulnerable.  It is fear of vulnerability that makes for lousy team dynamics.  Great leaders can show vulnerability.  This isn’t new news… a quick Google on “leadership vulnerability” will yield lots of hits, from credible sources like Forbes and the Harvard Business Review.

 In Brene Brown’s TED talk on vulnerability she admits that “Vulnerability is terrifying and feels dangerous,” yet “It is not as scary, terrifying, and dangerous as getting to the end of our lives and asking what would have happened if I’d shown up? What if?”  Indeed.

Being vulnerable can take your leadership and your team to that next level of really “showing up” and making a positive impact.  Yet there is no denying that it can be very scary.

If teamwork and trust sounds like something you want to talk to me about, then eMail me at and we can setup a time to cha

t one on one.  I’d love to hear your horror stories, success stories, and even just your concerns about where your team is at right now.  And at the end of the conversation, maybe you will have some clarity about what to do next.

By the way…

In this section I will be highlighting recent cool stuff I’m up to.

For example, did you know that I was recen

tly interviewed on ICF Coach Radio, and I discussed the role of sensuality in the workplace?  Pretty hot topic! 

 Pop over here if you want to have a listen to that.

Conversation starters

This section is designed to gauge interest on new topics.

– For example, we all know that SharePoint is a super-hot product.  Lots of firms claim to “do” SharePoint, and as a result a lot of SharePoint implementations outright fail, other just “suck”.  SharePoint IS really good at Intranets, and can make a real positive difference in an organization.  Let us know what you think of your vendor’s solution, and where SharePoint works for you.  Comment here!

– I’m sure you have been “Head hunted” before.  I’ve certainly had good and bad experiences with placement agencies.  Have a kudo for your agency?  Let us know here!

– Security services are strange.  The Snowden case has reminded us that the good guys can be the bad guys, and you rarely hear stories about the good guys.  Go figure.  So how are we supposed to know who they are when we want to hire someone to protect our stuff? Have thoughts on that? Talk here.

–  IT workers in Oil & Gas are well compensated (pun intended).  Yet many IT folks are disenchanted with their jobs.  Why is that?  This short video tells us that money is actually DE-motivating!  Believe it?  Comment here!

– The IT Department is supposedly going extinct, at least according to some pundits.  Is this a good idea or just another “fad”?  What do you think?  Comment here!

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