Presence workshops

We are not talking about theatrical or stage presence, also sometime called or sold as executive presence.  Those are external practices that help you look like you have an inner poise that you may not have, and if you do these practices badly, you may end up looking and feeling like a slimy used car salesman.  That’s not good for you or for your business.

In contrast, our definition – “presence is the outward manifestation of being present” – informs what we are looking to convey to you.

Being present.  What exactly does that mean?  Good question.

We explore this question in these workshops and in one-on-one mentorship and coaching.  Based on Ken Wilbur’s Integral methodology, your ability to be present is viewed from four perspective, body, mind, spirit and shadow.

What will you learn?  You will learn

–          That developing our ability to be present is a lifelong practice, and can’t be bought as a “quick fix”.

–          That we can go deep in one area and be totally and off-puttingly ignorant in others.  Balance is key

–          Where you are already quite competent, and where you need to put more effort

–          Simple exercises to deepen your awareness so that you can become more present

–          How to measure your progress.

Your action item:  Take this online survey to see where you are at today with your level of presence.  Then contact us to talk about your next steps, or register now for the next workshop.

Great coaches know that coaching is life changing… starting with our own.