Services Offered

Ex-IT offers a focused group of services that can help IT leaders and their teams excel.  We also provide mentoring to coaches who want to improve on their skills.

As a former IT consultant, operations manager, project manager, instructor and certifiable subject matter expert I have some understanding of where both IT and the business are coming from.

The simple truth is that IT guru’s and geeks and their managers and leaders are typically not fond of the people that use their beloved technology.  Most technologists gravitated to technology because they can’t stand people.  And when such a person is transitioned into IT leadership, they are often hopelessly lost.  They haven’t got any idea how to manage themselves, never mind the folks they now lead.  That’s a recipe for disaster that is repeated all around the world, every day.

So we may laugh, but we all know that TV shows like “The IT Crowd” are not exaggerating.  IT people really are much different than their users.  As a result, it is rare for a business leader to say “The IT department is great!  They really understand how to make technology work for me.”

But that can change.

Impossible?  Certainly, if you don’t try.

We believe that it is possible to change thoughts, ideas, feelings and behaviors.  It is possible to be in IT and have people skills.  To know how to work well on a team.  To lead and manage IT folks well.  To create solutions the business actually craves.

What will it take to get there?  A lot of hard work.  Click on any of the items below to find out more.

–          Team & leader development

–          Team and individual coaching

–          Presence workshops

–          Coach mentoring

–          CIO for hire