Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is based on a one-to-one relationship between the coach and the client, using dialog focused on the goals of the client.   It may enhance performance, taking skills and abilities to a new level and help individuals adapt to new situations.

Senior executives, directors, managers, and entrepreneurs are increasingly using coaches to improve their personal performance and their business game.  We all know that all serious contenders in sports have coaches; executive coaches offer the same type of edge to help their clients win in the business arena.

Executive Coaching is NOT like coaching sports

Sports coaches are subject matter experts.  They know what needs to be done, and they prod their players to perform the proscribed plays to perfection.  Executive coaching is not like that.  In fact, knowing what you do and how you do it is not even a requirement.  What is required is that you want to improve or change the way you do things.

Coaching helps those who are already hugely successful, but for some reason just can’t get past a certain blockage, or think their way around a problem.  The coach acts as a sounding board, knowing the client has the answer… it is in their head somewhere, but it just won’t rattle free.

That’s where executive coaching can help.

Executive Coaching is…

  • A partnership; because together we will explore ways to improve and succeed in ways you previously thought to be impossible
  • Almost magic; because the seemingly simple act of listening, to really hear the person, unlocks ideas and energy in a way most people have never experienced before
  • A dialog; designed to help the client get the required clarity to achieve their goal
  • A process; through which we will drill right down to the critical issues that you face, to determine what the important factors to success are for you, and how you will get there.