IT Management Coaching

CTO’s, Directors of IT/IS, IT managers and IT team leads have generally gotten into those roles because the started as geeks and loved the technology.  They were somehow better than the rest and got promoted, and maybe even took some management courses.  But they still think like IT geeks and can’t communicate, can’t manage their staff and can’t get any respect from the business.

Sound familiar?

If you one of these IT leaders and wondering how to herd the cats under you, and why the skills that got you here just don’t seem to be able to get you “up there”, you could profit from coaching.  Coaching provides an impartial sounding board allowing you to explore the issues and challenges you have, identify solutions specific to your own scenarios and also identify areas for your own further development.

This style of coaching may be beneficial if you…

  • Are a newly appointed manager/leader
  • Are already a manager and want to improve your performance in your role
  • Have specific management issues which you want to address
  • Want to identify an appropriate personal development plan.