IT Team Coaching

It isn’t unusual for teams to have problems reaching their potential.  Because IT teams are composed of notoriously introverted, self-absorbed but brilliant individuals, it is very rare indeed for them to work together at all, never mind work together well!

IT folks also seem to think the user community is a necessary evil.  Rarely do they see themselves as willing servants to people who are their equals.  No wonder most users hate calling the help desk!

Can this attitude be changed, helping make IT a valued part of the business?  Yes it can, if the team is working well together.  IT Team coaching can be valuable when:

  • New leadership has just come on board
  • A project is about to kickoff or has hit a roadblock
  • A merger or acquisition has just occurred requiring organizational change
  • Teams have silo’d
  • Unofficial or virtual teams exist,  causing strong political tension.

When organizations invest in their teams, they begin to enhance the bottom line.  Team coaching can rapidly reach a larger group of people and help:

  • Increase acceptance of change initiatives
  • Team members recognize each other’s strengths
  • Provide a fresh start in toxic environments.

If you want to see enhanced team productivity, positivity and performance, ask us about team coaching.