Vic Harder

I strongly identify with the character of Gimli from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

Gimli has a gruff, no nonsense manner, and is totally unapologetic about his weaknesses, and immensely proud of his strengths.

In my favorite scene, Aragorn tosses Gimli into the thick of battle, showing he is bold, unpretentious,and willing to go to any lengths for his friends and clients.

Like Gimli, I am passionate.  I go all the way, every time.  I stomp where angels fear to tread.  I value strength, and choose to express that by risking being hurt.

Where I diverge from my fantasy idol is by being vulnerable, and by pushing myself to be open and curious.

Thus, I am perpetually in transition mode. I love learning, having options, and continuously changing and improving myself.

For much of my professional life I was in Information Technology, but I also have a strong interest in the deep philosophical questions.  Indeed, my Master’s Thesis was about the Concept of Reality in Science and Religion.

I love exploring the depths of human experience, and love questions which have no answers.  I love nature and cool machines, hiking, mountaineering and the roar of a high compression engine, strength and vulnerability.

I think life is all about balance while passionately exploring all the amazing things around us!